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25th batch, Mirzapur cadet College
Mirzapur Cadet College: One of the best junior/high schools of Bangladesh | Meet the people of 25th batch, Mirzapur Cadet College | Short history (Acheivements, activities) | Funny incidents/jokes of college life | The Ladies | Photos of 25 th batch | Where are they now? | Recent events:


Bulletin of 25th batch

mcc25th HoJoBoRoLo

The purpose for publishing the page:

The best friends of an individual are the friends of high school life. For the students of boarding schools like cadet colleges, they share common experiences through different events that bring them very close to each other. This page is made to keep the guys together after all these years of graduation so that we can be a family for ever.

Recent events involving the people of 25th batch:

Recent events:

You can also write your own experiences about these events here!


In the News

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Message for the ex-cadets of the cadet colleges of Bangladesh:

Message continues.

Top news!

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This is jalal's Dhadha.......identify the 3 persons in the photos.

Here, you can put any interesting happening, puzzles, pics etc.

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