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Meet the people of 25th batch, Mirzapur Cadet College


Mirzapur Cadet College: One of the best junior/high schools of Bangladesh | Meet the people of 25th batch, Mirzapur Cadet College | Short history (Acheivements, activities) | Funny incidents/jokes of college life | The Ladies | Photos of 25 th batch | Where are they now? | Recent events:

The members:

25th batch, Mirzapur cadet College


Names (Cadet name)of the people:
Rearmost row (standing from left):

Salahuddin, Shabbir, Zahirul, Alam, kabir, Anis, Hasan, Asif, Maksud, Jalal, Saber, Hossain, Masud, Zahir, Tansir, and Mushfiq.

Names of the people (Middle row, Standing from the left)

Hasan, Farhad, Ershad, Mahmood, Mahboob, Ahmed, Shiraj, Rubayat, Sabree, Harun, Saif, Pulak, Momen, Abdullah, and Faiz.

Names of people (Front row, sitting from left to right):

Sakhawat, Zakaria, Anis, Imtiaz, Tanvir, Wasiuddin, Sharif, Toufiq, Unknown, Unknown, Jamal, Rassel, Asif, Tanveer, Sohrab, Khalid, and Sayeid.

Group e-mail address of the 25th batch:

25th batch (1992); Actual size=180 pixels wide

The batch photo of 25th batch at class 12.