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The Ladies


Mirzapur Cadet College: One of the best junior/high schools of Bangladesh
Meet the people of 25th batch, Mirzapur Cadet College
Short history (Acheivements, activities)
Funny incidents/jokes of college life
The Ladies
Photos of 25 th batch
Where are they now?
Recent events:
25th batch, Mirzapur cadet College

Introducing the ladies that are married/engaged to the ex-cadets of 25th batch:

The names of the "vabi"s

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What is the significance of marriage?

Here should be comments from the married couples about the fruitfulness of marriage.

Comments from the ladies:

Dear vabis/would be vabis,
This space is just for you. Say whatever about your husbands/fiancees here........

Because this page depends on class contributions, I might post my e-mail address again in this area.